Development of Microsoft (Microsoft Dynamics CRM)

Microsoft has developed a relationship management software package for a customer which was named Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Mainly the product focuses on Marketing, Service sectors, and Sales, but Dynamics CRM has been marketed by Microsoft as an XRM platform and to customize it Microsoft is encouraging partners to use its proprietary (.NET based) framework.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM:-

Like Microsoft SharePoint Dynamics CRM is a server-client application. It is primarily an IIS-based web application and extensive web services interfaces are supported by it. Dynamics CRM can be used by a client either by using a thick client plug-in to Microsoft Outlook or Browser. Browsers like Firefox and Chrome are most compatible than Internet Explorer since Microsoft Dynmics CRM 2011 update Rollup 12. Line of enterprise resource planning (ERP) is Microsoft Dynamics and customer relationship management (CRM) software applications. Applications of Microsoft Dynamics are delivered through partners of a reselling network who provides specialized services. Very little amount of installations are made without any cost, and aid, of these resellers. Since 2009 till now to update 2014, many capabilities are removed of users by Microsoft, so the features such as report-writing can be accessed without any cost, and intervention of members of their approved reseller network. Microsoft Dynamics is also the part of Microsoft Business Solutions. Dynamics can also be used with other Microsoft solutions, such as Yammer, SharePoint, Azure, Outlook and Office 365. The Microsoft Dynamics is specially designed for industries such as service, financial services, retail, manufacturing service, manufacturing and public sector. Both small & medium sized businesses and Enterprise are provided business solutions by Microsft Dynamics.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dynamics CRM:


1: Purchasing of hardware or infrastructure:
There is no need to purchase hardware or infrastructure.

2: Maintenance:
Maintenance is not required which is important especially for small and medium sized businesses and companies that do not have large staffs of IT.

3: Licensed software:
Typically the software is licensed.

4: Easy access from any device:
SaaS offers universal access and allows a person to connect to the software from anywhere that has an internet connection with any device, for example: mobile phone, laptop desktop etc.)

5: price:
Usually the initial price is considerably lower than purchasing equipment and software on-premise.


1: Routine payments: – It requires routine payments for indefinite future.

2: Dependent on internet:
Accessing of software is dependent on access to the internet.

3. Limited customization:
Software is limited customized and there is limited flexibility for software.

4. Latency:
Latency could be issue because cloud applications are accessed over internet and latency cannot be stopped if it is occasionally coming from an internet backbone.

How Ping Post Technology Can Help You Manage Your Leads?

If you are a business man, dealers or sub dealers and you have large business and client’s database then you should try ping post lead technology for your business. Sometimes you may forget to communicate or interact with clients as because you have lots of other work. Or you can’t manage your database properly as because client’s data base management is more difficult then getting it. Managing client’s data and preparing a client data chart and generating leads is not a very simple process. Especially when you have huge data and client list. In this type of situation ping post is ideal for business. Besides, the manual process of managing client’s data is very costly and time consuming. Ping post is a modern business process through which every company can maintain good relationship with their customer. Another great advantage is, it save your lots of time and effort. It has customized setting and different types of format. So, any company can reach quickly to their customer. It also brings speed and efficiency in your work.

Through this latest process you can segregate your client list as per your requirement or you can edit and delete information.
What are the advantages of ping post?

This special software tool provides custom based advantages. Through this ping post system you can send anything quickly and it’s a very short and easy process. It’s a very fast and super economic process. You don’t need to do manual work and it will save your valuable time. Through manual work you can not segregate original query and fake query, you cannot segregate genuine and non genuine quote but this latest system tool segregates automatically all the genuine queries and non genuine query details and also it will mark all the fake quotes. Generally this type of system is very useful for call centers, insurance sectors etc because they have huge client base and data sheet. In case of phone calls, this system is offering you recording facility of each call. Also it provides other facility like accounts management, it maintain and track all the important records and accounts details. It will help you to get any records within a second and also it save your valuable time and maintains cost. This type of software provides highest security system for their organization. And you can edit any information about any time. It’s an easy and simple technology.

Is it secure process?

This special system tool is completely secure for your business. Only admin can access, edit and delete any information with secure code. It’s a most flexible full lead management software system. It offer ping tree solutions to increase ROI for lead buyers and sellers. This technology highly recommended for auto loan, daily loan, insurance etc. It will generate more revenue and customers. This system is also very effective for multiple buyers and sellers. This ping tree assures their buyer to effectively allocate sales lead and continuously monitoring customer queries to provide best results. It has automatic update and recording features help you to maintain more and more data. And you may edit any format as per your requirement and developer can help you to do this. And its high security features create popularity among business world. It has a specific features and only admin can operate and edit its information. You can send any information through ping very quickly. It’s a fast and easy technology through which you can generate more clients. You don’t need to wait for anything just click (Ping) the button and you can get accurate result for your business.

Tips For Failed Hard Drive Data Recovery

One thing that manufacturers of hard drives do not tell us when we buy our brand new computers, is that they are subject to fail, regardless of the amount of time they are used. With some systems it may take more than 10 years before a failure occurs, while others can fail within just a year of normal use. Because of this, data recovery is an important issue that needs some thought.

Basically, there are two main types of hard drive failure. The first is those which fail due to a software problem, and the second category applies in the case of a physical malfunction.

Referring to the first category, the failed hard drive data recovery is usually considered when the data on the drive gets corrupted due to something like a corrupted partition table, damaged boot record, or missing root directory information. A lot of experts feel that the hard drive failure due to software is generally easier to recover with the use of easily available recovery software.

It involves a much more complicated process when you need to recover data from a failed hard drive that has physically malfunctioned. This is because when the drive has been physically damaged in some way, then any additional access to the drive may cause further corruption to the data stored on the drive. It is harder for the failed hard drive data recovery process to obtain the key files and stored information back from the drive. Most of the data recovery services that you will see advertised are offered for this category.

If you are unlucky enough to need a failed hard drive data recovery, bear in mind that a greater level of caution is needed so that your recovery is successful. When you are considering using any of the failed software that is available, you need to be aware that there will be a risk of further data loss as the software gets to work on the hard drive. One of the best ways to avoid an additional damage is to create an image of the drive using an imaging tool.

If as an example, your hard drive happens to be the drive which contains the operating system, the best failed hard drive data recovery step you can take is not to boot the drive at all if this is possible. According to the experts this is reasonably simple for a desktop system – all you need to do is to disconnect the boot drive and replace it with a new drive. For this to be totally successful you need to ensure that you have a drive with a large enough capacity to hold the image of the current drive.

You will then be able to install an operating system on the new drive. This basic data recovery step is accomplished by just reconnecting the old drive as a slave unit or by placing it in an external case and then connecting to it through USB or FireWire. However, for your failed hard drive data recovery to work best, it is important to disconnect the current boot partition, because trying to install the Operating System on the new drive will just result in temporary files being written to the old drive.

Ecommerce Success Through Magento Development

Magento offers varied eCommerce capabilities that includes robust marketing, SEO and catalogue-management thus delivering the power to create sites efficiently, which are personalized and customized to specific requirements. Choosing Magento as your e-commerce platform is advantageous owing to the fact that it is a potent combination of scalable and flexible design and a huge support network. The Magento ecommerce platform is one of the most reliable amongst online shopping cart website platforms since most clients are known to generate ROI swiftly too.

One can integrate Magento into an existing online shopping website for creating a dynamic interface which delivers a fantastic experience for visitors and enable seamless navigation.

Why is Magento the most preferred E-Commerce Platform?

– Packed with multiple user-friendly features.

– Updates ecommerce website automatically, unlike other platforms

– Simple, swift and versatile, with search features easy purchase of products and services

– Highly interactive shopping experience with easy payment gateway access

– Effective support to online stores for product promotions and delivery

– Configuration-based MVC system with extensions for better scalability

– Features powerful SEO and catalogue management tools for better online management and marketing

Comparison to other platforms

While Magento offers hundreds of templates and extensions; Shopify, which is a relatively smaller platform offers only 200 templates. Shopify also lacks the extensiveness of the Magento platform since it does not have many customization options. Shopify is great for running small websites but Magento is a better choice for building robust and reliable e-commerce platforms.

Miva is a €paid’ though not pricey platform whereas Magento is free. Magento helps users to to use product reviews and several wish list features, which Miva does not provide. Developers can use PHP for coding Magento sites while the language for Miva programming is Custom.

BigCommerce is easy to set up, and focuses on international shipping. Magento though offers simple and easy to use framework while with BigCommerce, developers are bound to get stuck with complex plug-ins and very limited third party support.

One can add ecommerce plugins to WordPress but it is primarily a blogging platform, which features ecommerce capabilities through plugins. Magento offers custom e-commerce solutions for key business activity and focuses on the core needs.

XCart includes defined code and is too complex to customize compared to the flexibility offered by Magento.

Although every ecommerce solution has particular pros and cons, one should focus on prime business priorities before choosing one, one the basis of their benefits. Magento is hence, one of the most preferred platforms for start-ups, SMEs and large enterprises.

Hire Mobile App Design Services (IOS and Android) Company India

MobileApptelligence is leading mobile app design & development company, delivering native and cross platform mobile apps to global clients.

We also provide dedicated mobile app developers at offshore to deliver concept based mobile apps.
Mobile app design is a key component for the app development process. App design is not only about, how the apps look like but its about how the app is going to interact with the end users.

Mobile app designers must follow certain key points while commencing a new mobile app project
Project scope assessmentA detailed project scope must be asked to assess over all design work. A complete project script is always helpful.Understand the functional aspects The most important thing is to understand is the business goal. Each project has it’s own
business goal: extra revenue channels, brand identify or simply a mobile version of one’s web product.

Analyze audience
If enough thought in analysis of the product’s audience, one will save yourself a lot of errors as well as boost your chances of impressing your audience. For example, if the business people
are in your target group, then a flashy/cartoony application will probably be a bad idea.
A clean-cut design will, likewise, not impress any children.

Monetization One must decide if a project is going to be released free of cost, or users will have to pay something to download.

Based on that only the project and version release can be planned..html

Latest Project:
Project – Capital Travel and Tours
Location – Srilanka & Maldives
Scope –
EUR UI / UX Design
EUR Development – Android App Development & Deployment
For Capital Travel and Tours, a travel mobile app was launched to cater online hotel bookings.
Its connected with the hotel CRS backend and provides the users the option to search and
book the hotels in real time.
Human interface guidelines (HIG) supplied by Apple will guide the iphone application developer on how to design the standard keyboard layout, the date picker, and the status bar. The three cardinal visions of Apple are deference, clarity and depth.
To design a catching user-interface for iOS, iphone application developer or ipad application developer should do the study of the top apps in the iTunes and also try to fully comprehend Apple’s own UI guidelines. Just adhering to Apple guidelines won’t result in a nice UI, but you have to add your aesthetics to it. You may design the iOS app such that it is clear, simple, focused, and easy to navigate. Meanwhile, you should ensure that it keeps itself within the platform conventions of Apple.

Striking icons are an inevitable part of a well-designed iOS app. iphone app developers india and worldwide, have been focussed to build a special, eye-catching shape for the icon, centring on a small color palette. Better not to use text in the icon, but the design of the icon should indicate the content of the mobile app in a striking way. Do not overlook the designing of the icon, for it acquires a critical role when the app is downloaded to mobile devices. iOS is a treasure house which offers immense opportunities to the imaginative and the intelligent mobile app designer. Take it as a challenge and design a great iOS app.

Research Firm CSO Insights Identifies Sales and Marketing Pain Points and Opportunities for Improvement in 2015

Report Highlights How Leading Organizations Are Generating Greater Quality and Quantity of Leads, Validating the Utilization of Marketing Automation Platform Technology

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, November 22, 2014 – T reeHouse Interactive (, the technology leader in on-demand marketing automation platform (MAP) solutions, today announced that the 10th annual Lead Management and Social Engagement Study, conducted by sales and marketing effectiveness research firm CSO Insights, is available for download exclusively from the TreeHouse web site. The study reports that email marketing campaigns, above all other methods of engaging prospects, deliver the best quality and quantity of sales and marketing leads. In fact, nearly 55 percent of leading companies surveyed reported an increase in lead conversions when lead nurturing was utilized. The report details the campaigns which delivered the best quality and quantity of leads and plans for investments in those areas in 2015. The findings support the case for integrating a MAP solution such as TreeHouse Interactive’s Marketing View, for greater business gain.

Key findings from the report include:
· Email marketing was reported to be the top performing method of generating the best quality and quantity of leads
· Nearly 55 percent of leading companies surveyed reported an increase in lead conversions when utilizing lead nurturing
· Top marketing objectives leading enterprises had for 2014 include capturing new accounts, optimizing cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, optimizing new product introductions, and improving renewal rates
· Common problems reported were poor data quality for both prospects and customers, and the fact that sales personnel feel they are not supported by marketing with the right tools they need to sell
· Website design and content, data quality management and social media were reported to be the three top areas where companies will increase lead generation investments over the next 12 months

“If ever there were an opportunity to justify integrating a marketing automation platform to improve lead management and social engagement–this is it,” said Jim Dickie, author of the report and managing partner, CSO Insights. “Integrating technology within existing enterprise environments provides the ability to improve operations by automating manual processes, improving data quality, allowing for the creation and delivery of sales tools, supporting content and social media marketing campaigns, nurturing leads and ultimately increasing conversion rates.”

Additional information is available by contacting Tr eeHouse Interactive at 801.576.8428 or To learn more about Marketing View marketing automation platform, visit Marketing View resources.

About TreeHouse Interactive
Tre eHouse Interactive delivers leading SaaS-based partner relationship management (PRM) and marketing automation platform (MAP) solutions to companies that want to get better return on investment from their partner networks and marketing efforts. Reseller View is the most complete PRM in the industry while Marketing View has been innovating marketing automation since 1998. For more information, visit or call 801.576.8428.

TreeHouse Interactive, Reseller View, Marketing View and the Tre eHouse Interactive logo are trademarks of TreeHouse Interactive. All other brands, products, or service names are or may be trademarks or service marks of their respective owners.

Why Mobile Website (Mobile Browsers Compatible) Is Indispensable to Your Business?

In the modern scenario, mobile website or mobile compatible website s the first requirement for your business. This is because smartphones will have problems with a standard website with are non responsive in nature. Buyers won’t return to a site that is not optimized for mobile, nor can they buy from such a website. In contrast, mobile website gives good user-experience to the visitors and brings better conversion. In many cases today, the businesses are preferring mobile website development more than the mobile solution development initiative.

Mobile website is streamlined with critical content, easily accessed by the customer’s fingers. He can tap to call and even tap for directions. But you will need professional help to make your present website compatible to mobiles or to design and create a site optimized to smartphones. A mobile software development company or a professional responsive website designer can certainly do the task for you. You need to let the app development company know, which components – you need on small screens.

In ‘mobilizing’ your shopping site, the hurdle is screen size. Usually, the screen size of smartphones is around 4-6 inches. So you have to use larger fonts. Site navigation should be simpler since your customers who are on the move may not have enough concentration. Many
subpages are not a good option. Your mobile website designer must plan the contents and positioning over carefully.

Measures should be taken for your mobile checkout experience to be a good one, as mobile web transactions are often done in open, people will be afraid about entering credit card and other personal information. You should provide a professional checkout service that keeps this data online.

Mobile data usage is expensive. So don’t use too much animation, video streaming, high-pixel images, etc. Users are vigilant about the data they consume. In a mobile site, you can direct your customer to your physical store nearby him, which you can know from his location. You
can use web maps for this.

There are some limitations to mobile optimized site. All your products and services can’t be shown in such a site. So always give a link to your home page. This will help client to browse more, if he likes.

Mobile applications have become an integral part of the modern & civilized life. At the beginning of 2014, Apple and Google stores were seen to be offering more than a million mobile apps for various needs and different business verticals.

Thanks to mobiles and broadband penetration, there is a lot of buzz or mobile technology development. Number of businesses are now expressing the willingness to have mobile software for their business objectives. For smart business owner, you know you need a mobile app to compete in this very competitive environment. There are many mobile software development companies, who are working on product model and providing a ready to use mobile application to business owners. In any case, a mobile app can be a great engagement tool and can easily connect to business with clients in a geography and across the world as well. The clear advantage with the smartphone apps that companies definitely get quick feedback rather than normal age old methods. Either you build mobile app with a mobile app developer in house or you hire a professional app development company, following are the reasons – why you need a mobile app for your business.

Mobile apps are tools to build business, even when the businesses are on the go. For example a user on the go, can search hotels and flights tickets and book it. Not only this is more convenient for end users but also a great opportunity for business to create the band recall.

Seven Procedures Every CIO Should Know About Big Data

CIOs have always had trouble dealing with Big Data. The acquisition, the storage, the analysis and even the archival. That being said, the process of handling data was already too much of a nuisance, Big Data Analytics took it to the next level. Now that the companies after companies have begun realizing the true potential of Big size Data, how is a CIO supposed to make sense of all the data or even take care of that data? All too often, CIOs believe that there is a magical process involved in dealing with Big Data. They believe that setting up the right project will produce a set of analytical results which will be good for their business. Sorry, but such a project doesn’t exit. Instead of this CIOs need to realize that they need to implement a series of techniques to show their team how to deal with Big Data. Here is a list of those seven procedures which will help you get more value for your Big Data.


This is where you need to prepare your team for the shock that will follow the amount of inflow of data. The amount of data will be huge and the implications of their reaction and their ability to deal with the data is just starting to be realized.

Data Mart

In this procedure you’ll have to get your IT department involved. Processes and systems are set up to acquire the data, secure it and finally store it. After the storage is done, Big Data Analytics kick in, with a variety of departments getting their fair share of the data.

Questions and Answers

After employing analytics on the acquired Big Data, the IT department becomes able to answer questions about what happened in the past and what might happen in the future. This process is usually done manually and depends upon the creation of custom reports.


This procedure involves creation of the executive dashboards for the (you guessed it) executive. However what changes here is that the reporting has been automated at this stage and the representation is improved.


At this stage the data and the results have been matured so much that the IT department can start anticipating the future better. Using a plethora of statistical algorithms and models on the acquired data along with a plethora environmental factors, provides a great deal of insight on the future.


In this procedure the data acquired from Big Data after applying the analytics is put to use. Not confined to reports, this data is put to use and yields real benefits. The information becomes a part of the company’s daily operations.


This procedure entails the transformation of the company in regards to the data acquired through big data analytics and their applications. Helping the company transform from what they were into a more effective and successful organization.

Every IT department which practices these 7 procedures, enjoys handling the data without much hassle. They graduate from struggling to efficient in a matter of days. That being said, handling Big Data can be an issue, but if handled properly, it can bear a lot of fruitful results.

Mobile App Development and Responsive Web Design

The fast changing world of information and communications technology is pushing every business to upgrade its IT infrastructure. Today, most of the business are using cloud computing to maximize the effectiveness of the shared resources. For the software, it includes the web solutions, mobility solutions including mobile app development and responsive

web design.
Organisations are trying to keep their pace with mobile revolutions and know that adopting to

newer things like mobile app development can definitely let them do better than competition.
Responsive websites are great because of browser compatibility and cross platform usage of the company’s business website.
Now the question is whether one should go with a mobile app or a responsive website design
at beginning. Below are few points, which may give answer to your question about how your mobile web presence should be.

If you have a special purpose or some sort of user interaction in mind, with special intention then a mobile app should be the way to go. If, on the other hand, you want to display your

current website as it exists and on all devices, then the responsive web design should be your option.
The access speed of a mobile app is relatively fast compared to a mobile web design.Your mobile app is available in different app store all the time A Mobile app may have multiple content versions for each page whereas the content of a responsive website design is same regardless of any device or platform.

The development cost of mobile application development of course includes the cost of the mobile app developers in addition to a responsive web designer or a UI developerApparently the features of the apps include multiple phone features like location services, camera wherein a responsive website has limited phone features.

apps are available offline wherein the information in responsive websites will be available only when you are online.

Navigations or user interface in apps are more interactive compared to responsive website design.

Usability and user access are better in app compared to responsive web design

Website owner should decide on responsive website design and apps development based upon the development cost, implementation time frame, design approach, user experience, performance, and ongoing maintenance. Again monetisation is also an important factor. The rate in which the apps can be monetised cannot be compared with mobile based website.

For example: A Car Rental App will be monetised faster compared to car rental website as the visitors find it easy to search and book the cars for transfers (oneway / bothway).

Other salient features of a Car Rental App are as following:
Search cars in four efficient way – From Airport, To Airport, Point to Point and Hourly
Car list display with details
Easy address selection by Google map
Airport search results by current location
Search car with multiple features
Multiple language support
Book a limo from app itself

Custom ECommerce Solutions Is Best For Business

If you are thinking of starting an online business, then it is initially a daunting task, as it the business house will need to do a thorough planning from beforehand. They should keep the following points in mind – What products will you sell? How will you sell it? How will you market the products?Who will keep a track on the sales, and upload product details? What will be the target area? et.all. As it is a daunting task, some would-be entrepreneurs, or entrepreneurs might think about ecommerce like a game of football.

If we look at today’s scenario, we will see most of the world are addicted to online shopping. Thanks, to the advancement of technology and inception of many online stores. Many online shoppers are born on the web who want to experience this online shopping features. This means they want to take help of the rising demand of custom eCommerce solutions that is providing a boost in the number of online ecommerce shopping cart and sites.

E-Commerce – A Game-Plan

Like any other game; the game of football requires a proper planning. Similarly an eCommerce website also requires a proper planning. Planning to start an online store should be taken seriously as one needs to make a start- up plan, i.e., a traditional business plan which will include the specific goals of business, an explanation of why these goals are appropriate in the context of the market, niche audience, and description of the steps required to achieve those stated goals.

Make It Easy For Shoppers

After the plan gets operational, comes the next step of creating an attractive website that should be kept simple yet informative; so that, visitors takes interest for the site. In order to make your site pass the initial blink test, you will need to have an efficient e Commerce website design. This is done, in order to prove the visitor within the three seconds that they have made the right choice by visiting the website, among hundreds and thousands of options that were available to them when they search for a particular product. You’ve been granted for them to size up your website.

It would be putting it mildly to express that a magnificent ecommerce solutions offered in most advanced ecommerce framework have less of the gimmicks that help towards best e-business coming to us. Ecommerce organizations are far more fortunate as they get the chance to tweak in the most profitable way as the greater part of the ecommerce arrangements offer it that way. The latest and the most modern solution that is being provided for e Commerce platform is having the custom design feature; that comes with design enhancements along with large choice of templates.

Key Elements Matters

The four key elements of a good ecommerce website development should always be kept in mind when going for the eCommerce website. They are as follows:-

Design- The design should be kept simple and consistent.

Content- The content should be of good quality so that it can retain and engage the customers.

Navigation- Shoppers must find it easy to find out the products that they want. Navigation process should be made fun, easy, and enjoyable thing. It should be user friendly to navigate throughout the website

Credibility- It should appeal to all type of visitors and should be able to retain them to their site, as long as possible so that they are forced to buy a product.

A potential store owner can skim through and pick a layout to better change the look and skin of the store as indicated by the item sort meeting with current configuration pattern and SEO. The vast majority of the ecommerce frameworks today have all things considered succeeded in bringing customization at the click of the catch with gimmicks favoring clients. The best ecommerce solutions are offered with request following for the clients of the storefront made just about immediately with simple setup wizards. The status of client request can now be recovered by the administrator of the e-store in business with points of interest of each of the shipments with email warning of any request status change that happens. Looking onto client request history by logging in, complete RMA module is exhibited as one viable ecommerce arrangement under control so that all the returns, trades can be overseen effectively with fitting stock/bookkeeping incorporation and list of things to get that spare abundant measure of time when the client is logged in whenever he/she visits the site for virtual shopping.