Do not Let the Brittle bones

Osteoporosis (osteo = bone; porosis = porous) is a disorder of the bone, which is characterized by decreased bone mass, accompanied by bone micro-architectural deterioration of bone tissue and bones to become brittle and easily broken. Consequently can lead to fractures in the spine, pelvis and wrist.

Most people with osteoporosis are women especially those who have already stopped menstruating or those who have been throwing ovaries (ovary change). The group is very vulnerable to osteoporosis given hormone is an important cause of this disease. And women aged 55 years and over is very high-risk group.
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Thanks Meditation, Heart Disorders Overcome

A study for coronary heart disease in adults, which is stable and optimal medical treatment, for 16 weeks showed that meditation not only lowers blood pressure significantly, but also helps the heart rate variability and insulin resistance, which is associated with risk of diabetes .

The beneficial effects can be obtained without a change in body weight, medical disorders, and psychosocial. In addition, these studies have been published in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Research shows the additional benefits gained from meditation sessions for medical care of patients. However, patients with coronary heart disease who want to do these activities to reduce the risk of illness should consider or study the theory and practice of meditation itself first.

Activity before meditation is often performed to reduce blood pressure. However, it was influential also on other risk factors associated with coronary heart disease.
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The Wanted At Box Emergency

Everything in this world can not be separated from the disaster, which certainly can not be predicted and often comes suddenly. Be it a small or large scale, which is why you usually advisable to provide First Aid supplies (P3K).

Accidents and emergencies can happen anywhere, not least in the house. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the existence of the box P3K as a way to anticipate things that are not desirable for the whole family.

There are many stores that sell P3K box next to it, but sometimes incomplete. Instead of buying a package, buy the box and its contents separately to make sure all your needs are met. To that end, here are some things you need to consider the following in preparing P3K box at home.

Choose small boxes or bags are lightweight, easy to carry, yet still be able to load all the first aid supplies. Box P3K also be waterproof and easily opened when needed, especially if you are going to travel as far.
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Colon Cancer? Opponents With Magnesium

Recent research suggests that a diet rich in magnesium may reduce the risk of colon cancer. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, also reported that women with a high magnesium intake had 40% lower risk of developing cancer compared with women who consumed minerals in very small quantities. The statement confirms that a diet with a high content of magnesium which can reduce the occurrence of colon cancer in women.

Other research has also been published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, is by using the concept of a questionnaire on 35 196 women with an average age of 61 years, which aims to measure the nutrient content of the food they consume. After further study for 17 years, was 3% of the total number of women having colon cancer. Continue reading “Colon Cancer? Opponents With Magnesium”

Cough can be cured by suggestion

Almost everyone must have had a cough in the day-to-day life. However, there is often misunderstanding the definition of cough itself. Coughing is often referred to as a disease that must be cured by taking medicine. In fact, the cough itself is not a disease.

Cough can occur due to the body’s defense mechanisms in the gastrointestinal tract. Activity and mechanisms could also indicate that we are hit by the symptoms of a disease. Coughing may also occur due to a body’s reaction to irritation in the throat due to the lender, food, dust, smoke, and various other causes. Cough more meaningful as a physiological reflex to protect the body and foreign objects entering the throat.

But if we are constantly hit by relentless coughing and seemed increasingly become worse over time, the physiological reaction can turn into a disease that is quite disturbing. Even if we underestimate the cough, it could be we are exposed to infection and irritation in the throat. Of course this will bring harm to ourselves.

Many people advised us to immediately drink cough medicine, both in the form of syrup or tablet. With mixed by various types of chemicals and also natural, especially for liquid cough medicine, we will feel a warm sensation thanks to the addition of these materials. But did you know that the cough can be cured only through our minds without having to take cough medicine?
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Recognize Osteopenia and Osteoporosis Soon!

If you ever take a test called bone or Bone Mineral Density (BMD), you are certainly familiar with the T-Score or the value of T. T value is the value of a person’s BMD standard difference, whether higher or lower than the value of the standard normal. BMD calculation refers to the pre-defined assessment standards of the World Health Organization (WHO).

When the test results obtained from the value of T = -1 or higher, you still atinya is normal BMD. When the value of T = -2.5 or less, it means you are suffering from Osteoporosis. But if you are T values ​​between -2.5 to -1, it means you have experienced Osteopenia.

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Still Hesitant To Become Vegetarian?

Many thought that states that a person is not going to work hard all day with only eating fruit, rice, and vegetables only aliases Vegetarian. Maybe anologi that is not appropriate, but cows, horses, and elephants show the strength to do the work and activities throughout the day, with only eat plants only grow.

Dr. Per Olof Astand, a Swedish scientist has conducted experiments to determine the best foods and to increase endurance for athletes. By selecting the nine athletes, he gave them a different diet for three days. The food menu is given as follows.

Phase 1

In this phase fed a mixture of meat, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, and butter. After that, the athletes asked to ride a stationary bike. As a result they are able to average pedaling for 114 minutes.
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Breast Cancer, The Crab Life Threatening

Until now, breast cancer is still a scary disease, especially for women age 30 years and over. Creepy as supposed, the disease will lead to death. It is undeniable that this malignant disease has become one of the world’s leading killer of women, after cervical cancer.

For women, the disease is a frequent cause of loss of self-confidence because when he suffered breast cancer has reached an advanced stage often he had to give up one of her breasts to be lifted, maybe even both.

Although breast cancer can also affect men, but women have a higher risk. This risk will be increased if there is a family history of breast cancer. For example, one mother or siblings had suffered from breast cancer. Continue reading “Breast Cancer, The Crab Life Threatening”

Slim Diet Should Not

To get the appropriate shape, many people are trying to run the advice from health experts that with regular exercise and a healthy diet program run if needed. However, sometimes you do not have time to exercise because of the tight time lived every day. When the weekend was, you feel more body requires more rest after fatigue on activity in midweek.

In the absence of a sport, does not mean you can not get the desired body shape. Launched by the Prevention of Indonesia, there are several ways you can do to make it happen. Here are the steps.

Drinking enough water
Drinking enough water is able to maintain the body to stay hydrated. That way your metabolism will remain intact, even faster. No wonder if the excess fat in your body will still burn even if you are not very active.

Have fun
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Recognize Ulcer pain

Heartburn can strike at any time. Morning, afternoon, evening or night. As soon as stomach ulcers (gastric) attack, the patient will be bothered. Not eating, stomach ached. Belly stuffed like want to vomit. Other symptoms that feel the heartburn, bloating (stomach feel full), bloating, belching, early satiety, abdominal rumbling (borborgygmi) to frequent flatulence. The symptoms can be acute, recurrent and chronic. Is called chronic if the symptoms last more than one month continuously.

If it is so, activity and labor productivity would decline. Ulcer disease symptoms above can occur at any age, especially over 20 years of age. Incidence rates between 50-60% in the community. That is, 1 of 2 people have experienced heartburn symptoms.
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