Tree Day 2012

Our lives depend on trees or vegetation. The oxygen in the blood spread in the form of HbO2 derived from the photosynthesis of trees and other plant chlorophyll. Certainly no difference in functionality between the trees, shrubs, and grasses. But as a source of oxygen and a reductant carbon dioxide (CO2), all crops contributed to the sustainability of animal and human life on the planet.

Teak, mahogany, tamarind, acacia, mango, coconut, corn and rice useful for human life, directly indirectly, either as “food, clothing, and hair.” Tall and short plants small, also the bonsai, it remains useful to humans. Even parasites too, there must be a point, but the man who has not managed to find the benefits. Parasite steal food from a mango tree, kedondong, guava, even from jatropha. He could grow bigger in there. Likewise, women who do not strap chlorophyll, which clearly parasites to clump tea fence, undiscovered benefits for animals and humans. Continue reading “Tree Day 2012”

Ulcer in Women

Women are more vulnerable to ulcer disease. The cause is stress, irregular meals, cigarettes, alcohol, wrong diet and certain medications.

Stress can affect a person’s eating habits. Under stress, people tend to eat less, including less vegetables. They choose foods high in fat and kalori.Stres causes hormonal changes in the body and stimulates the production of gastric acid in excessive amounts. As a result, stomach ache, pain, nausea, heartburn, bloating, and even wound (peptic ulcer).

Heartburn usually occurs due to high stomach acid or too much consumption of foods that are stimulating (spicy, sour, coffee, alcohol, nicotine, water noodles containing ash and certain drugs). Food â? Tajammâ? These can damage the stomach wall.
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Teacher humiliated, Reaching Even the Nobel Prize

There is no fool. That there are people who are lazy or those who are not ready to learn. A high school student “humiliated” by her teacher for being unable to teach physics. Repeatedly treated so, made her heart hurt. It’s not worth the teacher insulted his student, let alone drop it. There is a strong student who receives insults, some are fragile and easily give up, like most human character. So is this a high school student, he thinks positive Fortunately, consider slur his teacher as a whip to move forward. No half-hearted, to prove that he was capable of in the field of physics, he then entered into the physics department. He was desperate studying physics even though the value is low. Having taken the trouble to learn, a college degree was finally achieved. Again, with a low value, the lowest even among his friends. Continue reading “Teacher humiliated, Reaching Even the Nobel Prize”

Exoticism massage in Kuta Bali

Curly blond hair still wet and braided horse. Buti-grain-notol menotol saltwater over her body. Diselonjorkan slender white legs and her head resting on top of a thick folded towel. His blue eyes staring into the white clouds in between the two in the afternoon sun. Waves and ripples continue to work, coming and going, rumbling voice.

An elderly mother tanned dark skinned, in contrast to Caucasian skin, the oil began membalurkan her upper thigh down to his toes and massaging mijatnya. A moment later the mother berkain batik was rather shabby white that turned his stomach. Starting his neck, then to the back, to the rubber bikini bottom and push the oil and apply it stresses the fingertips, forward, backward, forward, backward … A massage close my eyes, all seems to be comfortable. Probably asleep by the wind caresses the beach.

Meanwhile, about 12 feet from her earlier in the direction of the coast lie two Caucasian women were also bikinis, sun bathing. One person was obese, middle age, arms and thighs sagged, her skin mottled brown; another much younger, thinner and beautiful look for the size of Indonesia, perhaps his son, was reading a thick book. A few feet away, so feet away from being there and so many feet away from being over there, there is also a similar view of the passing people. There are so many, countless in number. Continue reading “Exoticism massage in Kuta Bali”

Enchantment Sea World Indonesia

Is a mangrove forest (mangrove) who started the charm of the sea. But unfortunately, we belatedly realized the “green belt” of this beach, which covers ever reached 4.25 million ha or 22% of the 17 million ha in the world. Now the extent of not more than 3 million ha! Fact may be much reduced. Even so, with the 30’s ecosystem of mangrove species is still a role in biogeochemical cycles, a habitat for flora and fauna and the provider of 80% of commercial fisheries resources. Huge role!

As the “architect of the beach”, he grows unevenly spread at 17,000-an island, along the 81,000 km of coastline and extends into the shallow sea. Usually the roots grow in the mud, but there is also growing on the reef, a type of animal phyla Coelenterata mutualism and symbiosis, mutual benefit. Mangrove necessary for the growth of coral reefs while scouring CO2 avoided due to photosynthetic taken by mangroves. Continue reading “Enchantment Sea World Indonesia”

We delight, anguish they

He picked up a smoldering cigarette butt that. Dad accidentally left a cigarette nearby. At that time, Tika still 5 th grade. Wanting to try as what he liked smoking, he suck. After the smoke entering her mouth shocked Tika. He said, smoking is delicious, but Tika just feel the opposite. He coughed up the eyes and runny nose. Since then, Tika no longer wish to smoke. But the problem with a different father. Ten years later one, the father still smoking.

According to Tim, who is currently attending college, you started smoking since age 18 or 19 years. Dad started smoking because disappointed did not make the Indonesian Air Force, because he just graduated from secondary technical schools. One day, 49-year-old man could spend a pack of cigarettes. Before leaving for work, smoking. After work, smoking. Before eating, smoking. After eating, smoking again. Almost every do something, always interspersed with smoking. “If you do not smoke, sour mouth,” says the father.
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The Power of Social Media for Small Bussiness

“The Role of Social Media in Business and Marketing Looking for Ideas”

Social Media is an online media, with its users can Easily Participate and share. Social media is defined in this paper is a website that includes a blog and social networking. Blogs and social networking is a form of social media most commonly used by people all over the world.
Social Media invites anyone interested to Participate by contributing openly and feedback, make comments, and share information in a fast and unlimited. Through this medium, ordinary people who share ideas, cooperate, and collaborate to create the work, to think, to argue, to find people who can Become good friends, find a partner, and build a community.
Social media can also be used as a means of communication between the company and the customer. Many things can be used via social media, ranging from branding, marketing communications, to public relations (PR).

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Jakarta, Indonesia in Tourism

Indonesia was awarded the beautiful landscapes that captivate travelers, this equatorial country also has many historic buildings and historic architecture. Jakarta as the capital of Indonesia is rich in history and filled with old buildings filled with historical value. Because it’s not too hard to find historical sights in Jakarta.
There are many historical places that can be visited. For example the old city. The city is an area that is still attached to the elements of the history and culture of both the Dutch and Chinese. The city is officially used as a heritage site in 1972, with the aim to keep the architecture in the Old Town area. Architectural building located in this area is legendary and thick with the feel of the Netherlands.
There are some buildings that can be visited during a visit to the Old Town. One of them Fatahillah Museum (Jakarta History Museum).

The museum is located on Jl. Fatahillah Park 1. Originally a courthouse museum (Staadhuis) first in Batavia built in 1627. The museum presents a variety of models of traditional boats and warships from Indonesia such as embarrassment “Kora – Kora ‘long sailboat mast from Bugis” Phinisi “and also” the sarcophagus “that boat-shaped tombs of Batak tribe. In 1970 the building was restored and on 14 April 1974 officially used as the Jakarta History Museum.
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Lecture Notes: Personality Psychology

Purpose of studying personality:
“To understand the character, nature, behavior, and human dynamics, we have to study the theory of personality”.

Coverage theory of personality:
Ø Role of Personality theory include the role of personality theory, the importance of personality theory in the study of psychology.
Ø Development of Psychology discusses the development of psychology as a science, and the flow theory approach is used, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each flow.
Ø Terms of Personality and Theory discussing and understanding the terms used in the personality.

In psychology, a lot of personality theory developed thus applied the approach taken to understand the personality is also diverse. Therefore we need a deep understanding of various concepts personalities. Continue reading “Lecture Notes: Personality Psychology”

Movie “Babies”

“Environmental Effects on Child Development”

Babies movie tells how the environment can influence the development of this film looks Kids . On the  domination environmental factors (nurture) in the development of each child . Like (western, African, Japanese, Mongolian) on students in different ways in different cultures, so that they have a different learning process in adapting to their environment.
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