Tips to Overcome Stress During Pregnancy

Stress during pregnancy can adversely affect you and your unborn baby. Of course in life, we can not prevent something bad event occurs (eg death, loss of something, work stress, family problems, etc.), and we also can not change our emotional granted.

But you can try some tips for coping with stress during your pregnancy to protect you and your baby from the negative effects of stress.

Tips to cope with stress in pregnancy:

Find the cause.
Find out if the cause of your stress. Your personal relationships or in connection with your job or other and find an effective way to be able to handle it.
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Newbie Sailing – Types of Sails

Sailing for Beginners This article is used on some of the different types of veil of modern sailing. On most boats, there are two basic types of sails that are used, one major and the other is the arrow. They are the standard for boats that are larger. The most important is the main source of energy, while the boom is a secondary source of propulsion and is mainly used in laptops and navigation against the wind. They are cross and a Dacron polyester and familiar gently sloping to the head, tack and listening reinforced for extra strength. This makes this type of sail and light applications.

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Stomach Surgery Without operations

A new operating technique has been developed by experts in the UK. This technique can make the surgeon can operate on organs inside the abdomen without making an incision in the skin. Technique called flexible transgastric peritoneoscopy, will accelerate postoperative recovery period.

Usually the surgeon must make an incision on the skin that is wide enough to be able to view the organs in the abdomen. But now, with this new technique, the surgeon only needs to make a small hole in the skin (laparoscopy). Then a flexible mini-telescope inserted into the abdominal cavity through a small incision hole that had been made ​​earlier, about 2 mm.
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Beginners Sailing – Sextant is not up to date?

If it do for ocean navigation or boat, to sail that is critical to your success after arrival at your destination. In this article, I want to navigate beginners to cover a few ways that this can be achieved. This is the best use of the modern sextant and GPS, where both do essentially the same thing, but in very different ways.
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Early Initiation of Breastfeeding

To strengthen the bond between mother-child, after being born babies should be placed directly on the mother’s chest before the baby was cleaned. Skin contact with the skin is able to present a psychological effect in between mother and child.

Research shows that exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months is good for the baby. Instinct will guide her baby at birth. Would you believe, the first hour after the baby is born, the baby instinct led him to seek the nipple of the mother? Infant behavior is known as early breastfeeding initiation (IMD). Chairman of the Indonesian Lactation Center, dr. Roesli SpA Utami said that the IMD MBA, expected bayilah trying to suckle.

“In the first hour of the baby find the breast of his mother, this is the beginning of an ongoing relationship breastfeeding in life between mother and infant feeding”. The process, according to dr. Utami, after IMD continued exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months and continue up to two years. Based on the research, if the newborn is separated with his mother, the stress hormones will increase by 50%. Automatically, it will lead to immunity or resistance decreases the baby’s body. Continue reading “Early Initiation of Breastfeeding”

Post-Childbirth Breastfeeding Tips

Breastfeeding in the baby after birth is a natural thing, although in most women just starting to become a troublesome start.

A good way is to learn as much as you can about breastfeeding before giving birth so you are not bothered after the baby is born. Here are some tips that can help you to breastfeed your baby successfully:

Start early. Breastfeeding should be started at one hour after delivery, if possible can be done when the baby begins to suckle literate and have a strong desire. Although nursing mothers produce milk yet, her breasts contain colostrum that is fluid antibodies against various diseases. Breastfeeding would normally require several days before the mammary gland is formed so do not be pessimistic, especially if you are a first-time mother gave birth. The baby’s mouth should be wide open with the nipple as far as possible into the back of the baby’s mouth. It can minimize the pain in breastfeeding mothers. Continue reading “Post-Childbirth Breastfeeding Tips”

Newbie Sailing – winterize your outboard motor

It seems that these days every corrosive additives that are mixed with gasoline, it makes sense to run all your gas outboard motor, including the fuel in the carburetor. The way I do this is, first of all I went back over the empty gas tank of my petrol outboard internally by removing the cap and tilt when mounted on a wooden easel. I then made a funnel by cutting the bottom of a windshield of a gallon container plastic, I transfer the fuel 2.5-liter gas tank. After most of the fuel was removed, I put the cap back on the outside and on top of the bridge on an empty 5-gallon bucket. Can I fill the bucket with water and let the hose in the bucket with water just enough to run, ensure that the network does not work out of the water while the engine is running.
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Vitamins Reduce Risk of Preeclampsia

Preeclampsia is a stage before eclampsia (pregnancy poisoning) with symptoms of hypertension, edema, and albuminuria. However, these risks can be prevented by taking certain vitamins.

If you are currently pregnant, do not hesitate to take vitamins. British study shows that consumption of vitamins can protect pregnant women from the possibility of a dangerous complication of pregnancy, such as preeclampsia. Preeclampsia causes blood pressure to rise and the pregnant women could ultimately endanger herself and the child.
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The advantages of staying sailing

Yacht is a very specific type of vacation, there are many reasons to indulge in. Have you ever thought? A trip on the seas Whether an experienced sailor or a complete beginner, there are opportunities for all types of travelers. Sailing makes a nice change from travel on land, adults and children. Consider some of the advantages of sailing holidays.

Private life
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Milk Prevent Pregnancy Complications

A study conducted by the WHO explained that pregnant women who consumed four glasses of milk every day is known to reduce the risk of preterm birth. Pregnant women are generally advised to take calcium every day as much as 1.2 grams.

WHO conducted the study on 8,300 women who regularly eat calcium. The results show that they can reduce the risk of pregnancy-related complications. The risk was reduced by 24%, the risk of preterm birth was reduced by 20%, and the risk of getting a baby born dead was reduced by 30%.

WHO states that a dangerous complication, generally in the form of severe hypertension and release of the placenta, often occurs in those who lack calcium during pregnancy. WHO also added that those who regularly drank yogurt, drinking a glass of milk, and eat a serving of cheese per day can reduce the danger of complications in pregnant women and the fetus. Women can get calcium from yogurt because the drink has less fat content than milk and cheese. Continue reading “Milk Prevent Pregnancy Complications”