Diet After Childbirth

Although feels happy while cradling the baby just born, in fact there is a restlessness that often arise in the hearts of the mothers, the way to lose weight are like the original back. It is often a scourge for every mother after childbirth. However, if the mother did a strict diet, whether it is good for the health of mother and child?

The increase in weight up to 10-15 kg is not easy to handle. However, there is a special trick to work around this, is as follows:

Blessed are the mothers who breastfeed their babies. Breastfeeding is one quick way to the weight as before. At feeding time, the body will automatically burn about 500 calories per day.

Food intake
Postnatal food intake should be considered properly. Should multiply eat vegetables, fruits, and foods low in fat, but that does not mean you do not eat fat at all. You can choose the meat that had been discarded parts of fat. Continue reading “Diet After Childbirth”

Tips For Beginners Learn Surfing

Learn to surf better after starting on younger, but age is not a barrier to learning to surf, an important health.

To learn suring you should be able to swim, partly because of the time spent on paddling (swimming) rather than ride the wave.

Learning to surf will form a stronger upper chest due to the amount of time spent swimming.

For starters, the pool can be used for learning.

Before pedaling seas surrounding conditions and in particular the ability to know you, wave conditions a change.

For beginners learning to surf on a sandy beach with small waves is very safe, do not study hard and the waves on the rocky shore.

Tips For Beginners Learn Surfing:

  1. Determine the balance point – for beginners it is recommended to determine the balance point in the same wax can be used, the balance point is when you surf the board supine position chin, chin position is marked with a wax, any time dagung position marked this as a reference surf board so that you react the same every time (every time).
  2. Surfboard nose (tip) into the water, with the right back position to which the chin is (marked above was), to balance the surf board retreat a little backward of the sign.
  3. Too much pressure on the back of a surfboard with your body weight, come forward to the surf board is really stable on the water.
  4. Surf board on top, do not do a lot of movement when sitting or trying to sit the board surfing because it will eliminate the effect of balancing on a surf board for beginners learning to surf, try to be calm. One of the keys to learning to surf is calm attitude.
  5. On the surf board. Do not stand up for you will be upside down, standing modestly (such as horses), hands on hips, eyes to the front, you will fall off when the eyes see kebawa (down)
  6. Practice, practice the techniques taught you surf instructor landed before sliding into the water.

Pregnant and Trousers? It’s Nice …

When you are pregnant, does not mean you can not wear long pants. The important thing is you are comfortable when wearing and not too tight in the abdomen.

You should customize trousers or pants 7/8 you will wear with different occasions. Pants can you wear to go to the office and other official events. While pants 7/8 can you wear for casual or informal. There are several models of trousers to choose from, you should consider the following.

Pants with shear studs. You can wear boot cut pants that will accentuate your slim legs. The function of this button you can slide on the belly to match the growth of your pregnancy. So even if you are 9 months of gestation, these pants you can still wear. After giving birth too, these pants you can still wear because you can still scroll buttons at the smallest point. Continue reading “Pregnant and Trousers? It’s Nice …”

Avoid Soy Want to Have Children When

Couples planning to have children should be for her to avoid consuming too much soy, especially during the fertile period. Thus the advice from fertility experts in the UK recently.

Because according to studies conducted in humans, the material contained in soy called genistein, can” sabotage” the sperm swim toward the egg. This causes the sperm can not unite with the egg so that fertilization does not occur.

Even suspected, with a small dose of genistein in the female reproductive tract, has been able to shut off the incoming sperm. Therefore highly recommended to avoid soy, especially on a woman’s fertile period each month if they indeed want a pregnancy.

Unlike in rats, high doses of genistein new cause fertility problems. But in humans, very small doses have been able to interfere with conception. Until now, it is not certain, how many doses that are safe to eat soy to prevent this impaired fertility.
Continue reading “Avoid Soy Want to Have Children When”

Choosing a Surf Board For Beginner – Softboard

Softboard is one type of surfboard that is ideal for first time learning to surf. The key choose the right surfboard for you.

Why softboard? Type of surf board is made of a very lightweight foam that floats its superiority in terms of (Buoyant) make it easier for beginners to get waves.

Dimensions of manufacturing these types of surf boards provide stability in the water and make it easier for beginners to stand on the surf board.

Fins (fins) are also made of rubber, so it makes the kategory safe in case you formed with fins softboard is because the material is soft.

If you want to buy softboard, kategory softboard is not recommended for serious beginners learning to surf, if you want to buy a type of surfboard is best for children who are learning to surf once in a while let alone his home close to the beach.

Choose softboard board about 7-8 feet in length. This type of board it easy for catching waves, to help you learn to stand and develop balance, softboard have fins made ​​of rubber, so that if you fall and hit the fin board, it will not hurt because the material was softer fins.

Type of surfboard is also often categorized as SOFT Surfboard

Happy Surfing!

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Everyone loves to travel and discover destinations in the world. If you are traveling in another country, it is very interesting to know the culture and civilization of the country. We Travel Egypt Holidays – a travel agency recognized. We welcome our visitors from around the world in Egypt. Egypt is the oldest city in the oldest civilization in the world. Make your travel stress-free and access to the full enjoyment of a tour with us. We have many areas of work outside visits and trips are hotel bookings, safaris, diving, tours Continue reading “Book your Egypt Nile Cruises and get the real value of money”

Morning Sickness, Mother & Infant Protection Forms

Known to about 90% of pregnant women experience nausea during their pregnancy and about half accompanied by vomiting. The condition usually occurs in the first three months of pregnancy, which is believed to be the body’s reaction to the rejection of the intake of foods that contain toxins.

Although the term is morning sickness, but the fact that the condition does not occur in the morning only. Nausea and vomiting may occur throughout the day and even in severe cases, nausea and vomiting that can reach a state of hyperemesis gravidarum symptoms of nausea or vomiting continuously and can eventually be fatal.

A study conducted by researchers from Liverpool University, has analyzed 56 pregnant women from 21 countries. The researchers studied the incidence of nausea and vomiting that occurs in pregnant women. They then connect the eating habits in each country and estimate that the nausea and vomiting that occurs is something to do with his eating habits. The researchers said that the morning sickness will not develop severe when the pregnant woman eating a healthy diet.
Continue reading “Morning Sickness, Mother & Infant Protection Forms”

Drinking Beer Healthy Every Day

Beer, not only related to the luxurious lifestyle also pinned unhealthy drinks. Unfortunately, the opinion of the latter must be removed from its place because it has been clinically proven health benefits.

An inscription on the Babylonian clay made about 4300 BC, describe in detail the brewing recipe. Even the tribes of ancient Egypt in 1600 BC has written 100 medical prescriptions using beer.

Perhaps on the basis of that, a few decades later many researchers again looked at the health benefits of beer.

Is an expert  nutrition, fitness and wellness Julie Upton is a frequent speaker and writer on the American Dietetic Association and several media secrets behind beer, as in the quotation of Health.

Some beer has a low amount of calories, 64 calories per 12 ounce bottle. Even for regular types have only 100 calories per 12 ounce bottle. In a country like low calorie, an excuse to drink beer. Continue reading “Drinking Beer Healthy Every Day”

Security Career

Security career (career security) is the opposite of job security. Security is a career business career found a private affair. The selected career and is determined based on our own desires (internal). While corporate enterprise (external) is a vehicle to climb career.

Career security paradigm, based on the purpose of working to improve the ability of self-sharpening, so that in the workplace to employees who excel.

Career security is very useful as our motivation to create internally preparation in the face of changing conditions that exist outside. Career security is easy to define, but it needs to realize high concentrations.

Career security is a question of mentality and imagination. Reflecting on the many opinions that the main thing is to change human mentality and the imagination. Thus, career security requires winning mentality and positive imagination.

Operates in the spirit of a winning mentality and confidence in yourself to be able to compete. This mentality as well as employers. Mentality of the entrepreneur always think that the success of reaching the vision (dream) because of perseverance and never give up on yourself.

Question is positive imagination bear in mind that the originator of the idea is ourselves. Imagination play in the realm of innovation and creativity. If creativity and innovation can be met properly, the chances of success more wide open.

Positive imagination itself is the mother of a willingness to learn (personal learning). By studying the awkwardness in inaction sharpening, changes around the skills and difficulties adapting to the new knowledge will be marginalized.

No other career is not based on the creativity and innovation of its employees. In many cases employees are able to climb career to optimum levels, because intelligence in managing creativity and innovation skills in creation is wrapped with a winning mentality.

Well, now you know the difference between work and career. Perhaps, some people may think that finding a job is difficult. Yet in reality there is nothing more difficult that is to achieve success in a career.