Acupuncture and Beauty

Today more and more women are aware of the adverse effects produced by chemical-based beauty products on the skin. In a parallel trend, many people who use a form of natural remedies such as nutritional counseling, chiropractic, acupuncture and others in addition to conventional medical therapies, or for routine maintenance such as beauty. Continue reading “Acupuncture and Beauty”

Benefits of Honey for Health

Who is not familiar with the name honey? The natural product of bees is already widely known. In Indonesia is one country that is quite prolific honey producer, is evidenced by the many honey beekeepers in several places in Indonesia. Sweet honey taste is preferred by everyone from children, parents and even adults also like honey. But there are some people who have allergies to honey, even though people who suffer from these allergies are few. Continue reading “Benefits of Honey for Health”


Obesity is a frightening specter for women. The woman whose name as much as possible to avoid obesity. Obesity is a disease of excessive obesity, which makes her patients have more fat than women generally. Obesity is usually made bigger body and more fat, which typically have areas of excess fat is the abdominal area and the surrounding area. No exception thigh area. The disease of obesity is often a nightmare for women who want to look perfect in front of others. Continue reading “FITNESS AND HEALTH”